5 Essentials of choosing a right Shampoo for Dogs

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When it comes to your pet’s hygiene, selecting a shampoo for dogs is an intriguing task. Though there are several products available in store, lack of information may result in picking up a product that does not meet real expectations. Well informed pet parents can make appropriate choices for their beloved pets. The love and care taken by the pet parents reflects through the well-groomed and energetic look of the pet having healthy skin and radiant coat.

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1. Importance of Natural Actives & Essential Oils:

Hygiene and care needs of each pet vary throughout its lifespan.  Shampoo and a conditioner can provide basic hygiene. The shampoo removes dirt from the coat and skin, whereas the conditioner help in hair detangling and restores natural sheen on the coat. Very often it is found that the shampoos that provide basic hygiene are unable to maintain pet wellness for a long time.

For enhanced wellness, a shampoo should be enriched with ‘Natural Actives’. Natural Actives have specific functionality like skin moisturization, restoration of skin elasticity etc.

Use of ‘pure essential oils compliment natural actives and further enhance wellness and deodorize pets naturally.

2. Use a good non-medicated Shampoo for overall wellness:

If your pet is troubled with wellness issues such as itching, hair shading, dandruff, sensitive skin, allergies or severe Tick and Flea infestations, it may be good to visit Vet to know if medication is needed.

If Vet prescribes any medicine, it is important to complete the course and then move on to use non-medicated hygiene tick repellent dog shampoo flea killing shampooproducts for regular use. These products are specifically developed to help prevent or provide relief from certain wellness issues. For example, if your pet has severe infestation of Ticks and Flea, you will need a Vet’s prescribed medicated shampoo. Medicated Shampoo mostly contain “pesticide active” to kill the Ticks and Flea already present on the body.

When the purpose is served, it is advisable to use a non medicated shampoo for dogs offering comprehensive pest deterrence. Over use of medicated shampoo may affect the skin resulting in wellness issues over a period.

3. Multi-Benefit Shampoo for Dogs:

Very often pet shampoo for dogs catering only to a particular issue may not be as effective in providing other useful benefits. It advisable that pet parents choose a product that offers multiple benefits. For example if the dog has itching, dandruff issue, it may be good to use the product providing comprehensive skin wellness.

Similarly if harmful pest is a concern, it may be good to buy the product providing Tick and Flea deterrence as well as skin wellness. There are several pet health issues related to allergies.

If your pet is allergic to normal hygiene ingredients, try Hypoallergenic shampoos. Special Hypoallergenic products  help reduce the occurrence of allergies.

4.Benefits of using a Natural Conditioner:

Conditioners use ingredients that could be natural or synthetically made. The instant detangling products which are used after the bath mainly use synthetically made silicones. The conditioners made using natural polymers interact with hair proteins and provide good conditioning effects.aloe vera extract

There are many advantages if the shampoo also contains the conditioner. Firstly with a conditioning shampoo having good quality, only one bathing cycle is usually enough. This can deliver significant savings to pet parents in time, efforts, money and importantly saving water usage during the bath.

Due to technological challenges involved, there are very few conditioning shampoos for dogs available in stores or online  that can deliver the real benefits. Pet parents can take advantage of these technologically advanced products for their own benefits.

5. What to read on the product label?

Some mandatory information such as manufacturing date, place, address, batch number and product expiry date should be available on every product label. To know ‘what’s inside the bottle’ good brands provide clear detailed ingredients list.

Additional information about product usage and quality systems certification on the label can provide further assurance. Along with this critical information, it is helpful to have information regarding email or other local support. Pet parents can ask questions or get further information about the product.

Dogs and Cats have complex hygiene needs. Choosing the best dog shampoo or cat shampoo is an important step in ensuring the well being of your pets. Always remember Healthy Skin can provide a Healthy Coat for your pet.

Dr. Vinayak Randive (Ph.D)  (The author is an acclaimed scientist with multiple global patents in the field of chemical technology with specific applications in personal and hygiene care technologies.)


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