Detox Bath Pet Conditioning Shampoo

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Detox Bath is a holistic pet Shampoo & Conditioner to effectively cleanse and detoxify your pets skin and coat. Scientifically curated DETOX ACTION ingredients nourish your pet’s skin and condition the coat to provide comprehensive hygiene and care. Natural oils of Neem and Citronella, provide powerful deterrence to harmful pests like Tick and Flea. Pure Aloe and Natural conditioning polymer ensure the wellness of skin and coat. 



Tick & Flea Repellent Shampoo For Dogs

Detox Bath is a complete Tick & Flea Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs. It is effective to detoxify and cleanse your pets skin & coat.  Detox Bath is infused with natural ingredients like Neem, Aloe and essentials oils. Hence it provides comprehensive hygienic care which nourishes your pet’s skin and conditions the coat. It also provides a powerful layer of protection from harmful pests like Tick and Flea. Aroma Care Technology  prevents bad body odour in dogs and freshens up pet friendly aroma levels.


  • CLEAN & DETOX: Detox bath is a uniquely designed natural dog shampoo with DETOX ACTION technology. It contains ingredients which provides nourishment and a protective layer for your dog’s skin and coat.
  • TICK AND FLEA : Detox Tick & Flea Shampoo contains Natural oils of Neem and Citronella that provide repellency from harmful pests like Ticks and Flea.
  • NATURAL BENEFITS:  Naturelix is formulated with science of natural ingredients.  We value the wellness of  all pets.  Hence we proudly list our ingredients clearly for safety of pets and humans alike. Trust us you won’t need a magnifier to look at our ingredients.
  • SUPER CONDITIONING: Our dog shampoo contains natural polymer and adds shine and ensures a smooth and silky feeling with your pet’s coat.
  • INSTANT DEODORIZATION: Naturelix’s AROMA CARE technology controls bad body odour in dogs. Pet friendly aroma levels provide a safe and effective bathing experience for all pets.
  • ECO WASH: Each of our natural dog shampoo concentrate provides 20 to 35 washes per bottle, based upon the size of the dog. And also, our scientific formulation ensures easy lathering and rinsing while you consume less water and help the environment.

Goodness Of Nature

Our Pet Hygiene solutions are based on science of natural ingredients.

Gentle and effective cleansers coupled with natural actives and essential oils calm the pet’s skin and bring out the best from all types of coats. We build safety in our products right from selection of ingredients up to the manufacturing of final products.

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Naturelix Eco Wash Technology

Our Naturelix Eco Wash technology is engineered to lather easily and wash away quickly, hence consumes ‘Less Water per Bath’. Thus we assist in saving precious water, helping the environment. The ingredients we use are 100% Vegan ingredients.

The Eco Wash technology also has another valuable benefit. It offers ‘More Bathing per Bottle’. This means Naturelix Conditioning Shampoo lasts longer than most other available shampoos depending on the breed size of dog. It offers great money saving for home user or pet spa grooming professionals.

Naturelix conditioning pet shampoos are manufactured in ISO 22000 certified facility having GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.


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