SPA Care Pet Conditioning Shampoo

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SPA CARE is an invigorating pet Shampoo and Conditioner that augments the skin health and overall wellness of your dog. Scientifically formulated SPA EFFECTS ingredients containing special quality Oats extract, Rosemary and Cedar essential oils, enriching your pet’s skin making it healthy. Pure Neem oil provides natural defense against fleas and natural conditioning polymer maintains a healthy coat.



Spa Care is a rejuvenating and innovative dog shampoo which provides your dog with relief from itchy skin, shedding and dandruff. Our Spa Effects Technology helps repel against fleas and ticks. This enriches your pet’s skin, maintains their radiant coat and improves their overall wellness.

The Naturelix’s dog shampoo contains special selection of ingredients to provide a comfortable and blissful experience not only to your pet, but also you. Its cleansers coupled with natural actives and essential oils calm the skin and bring out the best from all types of coats. Packed full of natural goodness, Spa Care Pet Conditioning Shampoo comes in different blends. This ensures freshness in your dog’s coat and leaves them healthy and smelling great.

    • REVITALIZE SKIN: Spa Care is an invigorating and enhancing anti-fungal dog shampoo. It enhances your dog’s skin and revitalizes their coat. 
    • NATURAL BENEFITS: Our shampoo contains pure Neem oil coupled with pure essential Rosemary and Cedar oil. Called Spa Care, it provides relief from fleas, itching, dandruff and reduction in shedding.
    • PH BALANCED: Spa Care’s Dog shampoo balances its pH level. It is more suitable for dog skin and makes bath time enjoyable and irritation free.
    • INSTANT DEODORIZATION: Naturelix Aroma Care Technology, neutralizes foul body odor. This will freshen up your pet’s coat, leaving them clean and smelling great. Dog friendly fragrance levels ensures your pet a comfortable and pleasant bathing experience.
    • ECO WASH: Our dog shampoo has a formula to ensure that the latter is easy to rinse off. This results in a lower consumption of water and helping the environment.


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