Paw Cream Original

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Naturelix Pet Paw Cream-Original (100% Natural, Lick Safe, moisturizing balm/salve) is a very effective natural application for your dog’s dry paws and crusty nose conditions. It restores essential moisturizing through a perfect blend of Shea butter, Natural Bees Wax and other natural ingredients. Enriched with Neem & essential oils, it also deters pests & provides itch-inflammation relief. A safe and soothing cream for harsh weather conditions like hot asphalt roads, monsoon infections and frosty bites during cold weather. It ensures all year paw care.



Naturelix Pet Paw Cream Original is a 100% natural, safe to lick moisturizing balm for dog’s dry paws and crusty noses. Reinvigorate moisture thanks to ingredients such as Shea Butter and Natural Bee Wax. With enrichment of Neem and essential oils, it provides a deterrence against pests and provides itch-inflammation relief. Ensure all year round paw care against hot roads, frost bites and monsoon infections with our safe and soothing cream.

    • TRULY NATURAL: Naturelix Paw Cream Original’s novel formula effectively hydrates with deep penetration. It soothes, heals and protects the paws of dogs because of ingredients derived from nature.
    • SUPER MOISTURIZER: Dry paws and nose, may cause pain and discomfort for your beloved pet. Naturelix Paw Cream Original restores essential moisturizing through a perfect blend of Shea Butter and Natural Bee Wax.
    • HEALING TOUCH: Naturelix Paw Cream provides gentle, all-purpose protection for paws and nose. Separate creams/ointments to treat minor cracks, crusty nose or hot spots are not required
    • TICK & FLEA RESISTANT: With ingredients like Neem oil, our paw cream protects against harmful pests from climbing onto your dog’s paws and acts as a natural shield.
    • 100% LICK SAFE: Due to our Paw Cream Original Lick Safe formula, we can assure that this paw ointment is safe to lick. It is safe to use on all dog breeds, puppies and cats as well.


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