Detox Bath Pet Conditioning Shampoo

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Detox Bath is a holistic pet Shampoo & Conditioner to effectively cleanse and detoxify your pets skin and coat. Scientifically curated DETOX ACTION ingredients nourish your pet’s skin and condition the coat to provide comprehensive hygiene and care. Natural oils of Neem and Citronella, provide powerful deterrence to harmful pests like Tick and Flea. Pure Aloe and Natural conditioning polymer ensure the wellness of skin and coat. 



Detox Bath is a holistic Conditioning Dog Shampoo effective at cleaning and detoxify your pets skin & coat. With DETOX ACTION, Naturelix’s products are a joyful experience for both pets and their owners. It provides comprehensive hygienic care and has ingredients which nourish your pet’s skin and conditions the coat. Natural oils of Neem and Citronella, provide powerful layer of protection to harmful pests like Tick and Flea. Freshen up and leave your pet healthy and smelling great with our dog conditioner shampoo!


  • CLEAN & DETOX: Detox bath is a uniquely designed natural dog shampoo with DETOX ACTION technology. It contains ingredients which provides nourishment and a protective layer for your dog’s skin and coat.
  • NATURAL BENEFITS: The wellness of your pet is always a concern and that is why we list our ingredients to be safe for all pets. You won’t need a magnifier to look at our ingredients because we proudly list them on our packaging.
  • SUPER CONDITIONING: Our dog shampoo contains natural polymer and adds shine and ensures a smooth and silky feeling with your pet’s coat.
  • INSTANT DEODORIZATION: Naturelix’s friendly technology AROMA CARE counteracts foul body odor. The balanced fragrance and intensity levels guarantee a fun and safe bathing experience for all dogs. Freshen up your dog’s coat and make them healthy and smelling great.
  • ECO WASH: Each of our anti-fungal dog shampoo Concentrate provides 20 to 35 washes per bottle, based upon the size of the dog. And also, our scientific formulation ensures easy lathering and rinsing while you consume less water and help the environment.


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