Our Philosophy

Why Naturelix?

It is not easy to identify safe and effective pet hygiene products unless you have in depth knowledge about various ingredients being used. More so, various brands make tall claims without actually offering the benefits or many times use unsafe ingredients thereby putting your pet’s health at higher risk. With our 30 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of hygiene and care products, we build safety in our products right from the selection of ingredients up to the manufacturing of final products.

Essentially, we curate the best of the natural ingredients Nature has to offer and combined them with proven scientific technology to innovate high performance Elixirs. We believe in creating multi-functional products delivering comprehensive benefits, rather than offering multiple product variants with confusing claims.

Importantly we deliver what we claim. Trust Naturelix and take another step towards ethical & responsible pet parenting.

We Care For The Environment

Our mission to provide Ethical Pet Care is deeply rooted in our motives to provide products that are functionally effective, environmentally safe & made using sustainable natural ingredients.

In present times with water scarcity looming largely across the world, one of our key breakthroughs, the Eco Wash technology, is engineered to consume significantly ‘Less Water Per Bath’. Our chosen ingredients ensure that the benefits are delivered quickly, the lather is easy to remove and saves precious water per bath helping environment.

The Eco Wash technology also has another valuable benefit of providing  ‘More Bathing Per Bottle’. Which means an average Naturelix Conditioning Shampoo lasts longer than most other available shampoos depending on the breed size.

Our Mission is to provide Pet’s and their Human caregivers with Ethical Pet Care products, while continuously raising the benchmark for Quality, Innovation and Safety.