Our Philosophy

Why Naturelix?

Safe and effective pet hygiene products are difficult to find, even if you have prior knowledge of the ingredients used and where they come from. Various brands have claims, but lack solid proof regarding the benefits of their products and use unsafe ingredients which put your pet’s well-being at risk. With 30 years of knowledge and expertise, we create only the safest dog products. From the selection of natural ingredients to the manufacturing process, we put effort, time and care into our pet products.

We take the best of what Mother Nature has to offer and combine it with our scientific innovations to create high performance Elixirs. Our beliefs are to create multi-beneficiary products rather than various products with different uses and confusing claims.

To build trust, Naturelix takes ethical steps towards delivering what we believe in, responsible pet parenting.

We Care For The Environment

Our mission is to provide Ethical Pet Care. The criteria we base our pet products off are functionally effective, environmentally friendly and made using sustainable natural ingredients.

Now, with water scarcity slowly becoming more common around the world, we combat that with our key breakthrough. Eco Wash technology is engineered to “consume significantly less water per bath”. Our concentrate has carefully selected natural ingredients ensure that the lather is easily removable, which saves precious water ever bath.

Eco Wash Technology has a second benefit of providing “more baths per bottle”. This means the average Naturelix Conditioning Dog Shampoo will last longer than other brands, depending on the breed size.

Our Mission is to provide Pet’s and their Human caregivers with Ethical Pet Care products, while continuously raising the benchmark for Quality, Innovation and Safety.